Riggwelter Field Archers

Yorkshire's Premier Field Archery Club.


Target Archery. Target Archery.

You may be familiar with target archery where archers shoot at a multi coloured roundel usually on a playing field. Although we may use similar equipment that is where the similarity ends.

Field archery has nothing to do with fields! It is more like golf whereby we shoot on variable terrain and as often as not in woodland.

So what is the appeal?

Well like target archers we too aim to achieve consistency of the shot but to make life a bit more challenging we also need to be able to judge distances and terrain.

Field Archery. Field Archery.

Unlike our target brethren we also have a more diverse choice in the bows we shoot. Of the ten styles four use sights and the rest are unsighted. In other words you must use your instincts to help you aim and hit the target.

It is done primarily for the pure enjoyment of a days healthy walking in the country combined with a game of skill and sometimes endurance. We don't kill anything, we don't cover the ground in lead and it is quiet. All in all it is a most environmentally sound activity.

Be warned though, it can be very addictive!